The Light Oak Experience!
Owning and running a Limited company involves a lot of paperwork; Light Oak takes all this off your hands.

Why use a Limited Company?

If you have your own company it provides a more flexible way of working, and highest net pay in comparison to an umbrella company, sole trader or being a direct employee.  

You benefit by having tax deductible expenses, such as travel, subsistence and other allowable expenses of being in business.


How much extra will I get?

That depends upon a number of factors; the higher the earnings the bigger the savings. Likewise, the higher your expenses the bigger the tax savings. 

Please contact us today to find out how much you will save each month. 

Client Account

You can set up your own bank account should you wish, however we recommend that you use our secure client bank account which will act as your company bank account, so we are able to process all of the transactions on your company’s behalf.

We retain any VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax that the company owes and pay this over to HM Revenue & Customs on time avoiding the risk of any penalties.

Our client account is regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).