Light Oak service
We make it easy for you to set up your own limited company by looking after all the admin, accounts and tax requirements. You can concentrate on your work; while we handle everything else.

What we do

  • Set your company up for you

  • Register it for tax, VAT (if applicable) and payroll taxes (PAYE/NI)

  • Look after all the bookkeeping, tax and accounts requirements

  • Get your income information each week

  • Calculate your own personal earnings each week

  • Operate a bank account on behalf of your company

  • Keep back enough money to cover corporation tax, VAT and other company liabilities

  • Look after company secretarial requirements, such as registered office, director service address and annual returns

  • We will send you an email advising you of your company name and number

All this for only £26.40 + VAT per week for non VAT registered contractors or £30 + VAT per week for VAT registered contractors.

Including your own tax return!