Frequently Asked Questions 

What Company name can I select?
— - It will be your name with Ltd, this is for use on our systems and ease of reference when payment details are received.
Where is the company registered office?
— Registered office & Directors service address to be set up as Light Oak Coventry Office address. We will therefore handle all Companies House and HMRC correspondence for you.
I am self employed, are you taking the tax and accounts work over for this?
— The accounts work will be completed by your current advisor to point of cessation. We will deal with the self assessment tax return work going forward.
Can I transfer a vat registration number that I have for my sole trader business?
— No as the Ltd Co is a separate legal entity, it will have a new Vat reg number set up for it.
Can we transfer an existing Ltd Co for a driver to the Light Oak system
— At present not able to transfer. The issue we have is the service includes certain annual documents, year end accounts, tax returns etc. If we take this over part way through the year we would not have all the info to do this.