Being a contractor and running a limited company involves a lot of paperwork 
Let Light Oak take all this off your hands

Who are Light Oak?

Light Oak is a firm of Chartered Accountants who specialise in providing complete accounting solutions to Limited Companies and their owners, the contractor in this case.

Therefore everything the contractor needs to maintain and operate a Limited Company is handled for them in a completely hassle free way!

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Why use a limited company?

As a contractor you are able to set your own company up to provide your services to your clients.

Taking the option of using your own limited company will enable you to pay less tax and national insurance overall and is therefore preferable to being self-employed.

Why use Light Oak

Is Light Oak an umbrella company?

No, we are not an umbrella company.

With Light Oak each contractor performing temporary assignments has their own company set up uniquely. Umbrella companies have multiple contractors looked after by one company.

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